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Virtual 1:1


Coming from a family business with a strong entrepreneurial spirit (and now running my own business), I appreciate the limits of time and money and I understand the hesitation in making an upfront commitment. I also understand the need for action to address a family or business challenge. The Virtual 1:1 Meeting’ gives you a chance to explore any concerns about your operations or family interactions in an easygoing, conversational way, at a fixed cost.


  • Meetings are hosted via Zoom or by phone

How does this work?

There is a limited number of hours are offered each month for a Virtual 1:1 via Zoom.  Meetings are scheduled online here.

If you’re not sure if a Virtual 1:1 is the best fit, schedule a conversation here.

Who is this for?

  • A founder considering a transition or exit
  • A family member wondering how to open a challenging discussion topic
  • An advisor seeking support in helping a client
  • A trusted manager who isn’t part of the family but wants guidance
  • An in-law or relative impacted by the business