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Whether you own, lead or advise a family business, you know how overwhelming it can be.


Here are several of our most frequently asked questions. 

Managing the mix of family and business can be overwhelming. Click here to schedule a conversation and together we can determine the best service to meet your needs.

Every family business has issues that no one wants to talk about but needs to discuss. My course, "Is There An Elephant in the Family Business?" is designed to help you do just that. Click here to learn more.

No, but it is my specialty. We first learn how to get along with others from our family and that stays with us throughout life. In other words, we bring our family to work (and we don’t always know it!). So I enjoy working with any business navigating the challenge of getting everyone on the same page moving in the same direction.

There IS a place for family members not active in the business. They can play key roles in balancing the demands of the business on the family, leading philanthropic efforts, and sustaining the family culture,

Family businesses often benefit from the stability and deep knowledge long-term employees provide. In some cases, it makes sense to include key non-family employees in team building and leadership development. Click here to schedule a conversation and together we can determine the best service for everyone’s needs.

That’s a tough question and one I know very well. I, too, asked myself the same question. You may be doing great work now, but the family business just doesn’t feel like a good fit. First, check out my blog on this topic. Then schedule a conversation with me. Together we can create a plan to help you find a career that’s rewarding for you, in or out of the family business.

From sessions and coaching to extensive training, I provide a variety of services to meet your unique needs and goals. Learn more about each individual service here.

Refer your client by visiting this page and filling out the form. It’s just three easy steps. I’ll help prepare your client so they’re ready to take the next step.

Yes! I’ve spoken to a variety of audiences including chambers of commerce, professional organizations, and entrepreneurial training organizations. Prepared topics include:

  • Is There an Elephant in the Family Business?
  • Are you running your business or is it running you?
  • Mistakes Advisors Make Working with Family Businesses (and How to Avoid Them)

Contact me to learn more.

If you have more questions or you didn't find what you needed, please contact Kyle Danner to learn more about our solutions for family businesses and their advisors.