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Help Your Client Position Their Business for the Future


As a family business advisor, you want to do right by your client. You want to help them beat the “30% statistic.” However, sticky family issues often get in the way of a successful client engagement. You need someone who can coach your client empathetically so you can focus on your job.

I’m an advisor like you and have been part of a family business. I understand how challenging it can be to deal with clients and their emotional baggage. I also know how important it is to build relationships with the next generation of leaders, not just the current owners.

But there’s nothing quite like the joy you experience when you help a client accomplish their goals and gain peace of mind about their business’s future. Let’s work together to:

  • Help your clients beat the 30% statistic
  • Gain an edge over your competition
  • Acquire valuable tools and knowledge to help future clients

Don’t continue to get entangled in family drama and lose clients. Contact me today to schedule a meeting.


How We’ll Beat the 30% Statistic Together


Get to know Kyle

Watch this video to find out how I can help you beat the 30% statistic and help your clients succeed.


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Schedule a meeting

Schedule a 30-minute meeting to discuss your client's goals and the challenges you are facing.


Gain confidence

Acquire the tools and support to successfully work with your clients and gain a competitive edge.

Is There An Elephant In Your Client’s Family Business? Find Out By Downloading A Free Chapter In This Ebook.

“Kyle Danner referred his client who wanted to transfer ownership to a key employee as part of his exit plan. Kyle educated and prepared the client, so he fully understood his options and was ready to take the next step. After working with Kyle, the client and the employee were ready to discuss terms to achieve their personal goals and those of the company.”

— Sheila Seck, Seck & Associates