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Invest In Your Family - And Business - With This Tool

By Kyle Danner - September 24, 2018

Every business owner knows they should invest in their people. You can spend a lot of money on coaching, leadership development, and team building to see little in terms of ROI.

It’s expensive not just in the money charged by consultants and coaches, but more so in the time lost in production and sales.

The fear is that if you invest in your people, they’ll leave for something better. And sure, you’ve heard the counter-argument, “But what if they stay?” However, this doesn’t help in addressing the problem.

After hearing this concern repeatedly from business owners, I searched for a solution that was easy to comprehend and implement. I found it in Strengthscope®, an approach to learning what energizes you most at work.

It’s not just about working to your “strengths” in the traditional sense (the things you’re good at), but it’s about finding those activities you’re intrinsically motivated by. When you combine the two, you achieve a state of flow or that feeling of being “in the zone.”

Strengths Definition - Two Circles Diagram

However, what really caught my attention was their hashtag #lovework because “Work” is one of my four core values. The others are:

  1. Growth
  2. Relationships
  3. Service

Here’s Why The Strengthscope® Approach Works for Family Business

It’s simple: Everything is in plain English. There’s no special language to learn or creative terms to remember and results are shown visually in this nifty strengths wheel.


It’s about work, not personality: Personality assessments can be helpful in learning about yourself, but for business owners, they need to know if the right people are in the right place doing the right things. Since strengths are presented as work behaviors, owners can easily see if there’s a fit or where the gaps exist on their team.

It doesn’t label: It seems the letters or categories offered by other assessments would make things easier, but it leads to shortcuts in decision-making. The Strengthscope® approach encourages managers and leaders to see the whole person and everything they bring to the table. A bonus is that it appeals to millennials and Gen-Z which rejects labels and wants to be seen as individuals.

It’s about what’s right, not what’s wrong. In a family business, it’s easy to start with what’s wrong. Next to finding fault in ourselves, we’re really good at finding fault with our family members. With this approach, we focus on what energizes everyone.

It’s third party feedback: It’s not coming from mom and dad or your older brother or sister. That removes the personal nature of learning where you’re at your best and how you can improve.

A Quick Case Study: How Strengthscope® Transformed An Underperforming Family Member

Small-family-businessWhat does a business-owning parent do when their child isn’t performing up to expectations? It’s one of the most difficult, if not heart-wrenching dilemmas in a family business. The parental instinct to protect a child is strong but can cloud one’s better judgment and create problems for the entire company.

After all, if the boss’s son can slack off, why can’t everyone else?

Recently, I was asked to help a business owner whose son wasn’t doing well at work. After the son completed the Strengthscope® Standard assessment, we met to debrief. Based on the report, it was clear he was a mismatch in his job as a project manager. He started in the role because there was an opening and dad needed some help.

Detail orientation and critical thinking exhausted him, but he was strong in relationship building and persuasiveness. He appeared to be a better fit for business development. We reported back to his father what we discovered and together, we developed a plan to transition him to a more fitting role.

Recently, I checked in with them and both men said they were doing much better. The tension that existed before was gone. The father was encouraged by his son’s renewed interest in the business while the son shared he enjoyed coming to work now.

If you’re questioning how to prepare your family business for what’s next, the Strengthscope® approach is the answer. It’s ideally suited for family business by focusing on what’s right, not what’s wrong. It takes the pressure off family members by delivering feedback objectively. Best of all, it’s easy to understand and implement quickly.

If you are a family business with clear objectives but need help aligning everyone’s natural skills and energy, my 1-day Family Team Launch is a perfect fit.

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For those that needing a more in-depth approach, my Peak Performing Family Team is for you.

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