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How To Do More Than "Survive" The Holidays

By Kyle Danner

The holidays are here and there’s already tons of advice on how to survive the season. Yet, surviving isn’t really inspiring is it? It’s not particularly motivating and leaves you feeling that your only option is to push through the madness.

Rather than survive, here are three ways you can enjoy this time of year.

Organize A Gift Dash

If you’re like me and you dread shopping for gifts, but family members insist on it, suggest a gift dash as a compromise.

A gift dash is a friendly contest where you meet up at a shopping mall. Everyone puts their name in a basket along with $5.00. Next, each person draws a name then you spend the next hour buying for your person. No more than $25 (or another limit) can be spent and it can’t be a gift card.

When time is up, meet at a favorite restaurant, exchange gifts and enjoy drinks and appetizers. The person who spends the closest to the limit without going over wins the cash. A gift dash is a creative way to shift the focus from buying the perfect gift to enjoy some family fun.


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Celebrate Another Time of Year

With blended families and loved ones living out of town as well as the holiday crush in the family business, coordinating schedules feels impossible.

Suggest getting together in February instead. It will be something to look forward to in the dead of winter and it removes the stress and added the cost of holiday travel.

This goes for volunteering, too. Charities are overwhelmed with donations and help in November and December but are left scrambling the rest of the year. Consider picking a service project in March or April when no one else is offering help.

Schedule A Day of Nothing

Give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing for a day. It feels impossible and I can hear the objections, but indulge yourself.

Take a day where your calendar is completely free. Resist the urge to fill it with errands and chores. If you’re wondering how to make it happen, offer to swap days with another family member or a friend where you help each other out.

Or, schedule it for the first week of the year, after the kids are back in school, everyone is still recovering, and business is slow.

How to Prepare for the New Year

When it comes to the holidays, it’s not just about surviving. You’re also busy planning for the next year and what’s in store for your family and family business.

But first, you need to focus on YOUR goals. And my guide, The Ideal Life, can help you do just that. Download it for free, and create your Ideal Life and make your goals a reality in 2019.