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2 Simple Words That Will Change The Culture Of Your Family Business

By Kyle Danner

We tend to take our family for granted. It’s easy to see why. They’re most likely the longest relationships we’ll ever have. We’re born into and we’re bound together until death. We come to know them the best of anyone.

But, that can cause us to take shortcuts when communicating with one another.

  • Criticism sounds more destructive than constructive.
  • Requests for help come across as orders.
  • Praise sounds empty.

Over time, this wears everyone down and relationships chill.

And since we take relationships for granted in family business it feels like “What have you done for me lately?” After all, they are family, right? But shouldn’t we treat family better?

If this sounds like your family’s business, change the temperature with two words:

“Thank You.”

By approaching with gratitude and acknowledging what someone has done, you not only take a step to change a negative culture, you also take a step to change your own outlook.

As human beings, we’re programmed to be negative. It’s what helped us survived as a species. But it’s not always helpful in the modern world.

To be effective, your thanks must be sincere. If it’s dripping with sarcasm, it undermines your relationship, harming each other and ultimately your business.




Not only must it be sincere, but it requires practice and patience. If your family relationships are especially problematic with lots of old wounds, it may take a while before it’s acknowledged or appreciated.

It’s a small step that can lead to big changes in your family’s culture.

Instead of “What have you done for me lately?” ask yourself “Who have I thanked lately?”

What Else Can You Do To Improve Your Family Business Culture?

Whether you run the family business or are a member of the next generation to lead, it's vital you know what you want for yourself. When you know what you want for yourself, you are better equipped to grow the family business. Download my free guide, The Ideal Life, and determine what your goals are and how to make them a reality in the new year.