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Solutions for Family Businesses &
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Where Family Means Business
Solutions for family businesses and their advisors


Where Family Means Business

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Keep the family
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Is There An Elephant In The Family Business?  Find Out By Downloading A Free Chapter In This Ebook.

Kyle Danner knows what it’s like to grow up in a family business as well as to own a business with his family. He also understands how overwhelming it can be to start a new chapter after exiting the family business. That’s why he offers solutions to family businesses and their advisors.

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When your family business begins to plan for the future, you face unique challenges: succession plans, investment decisions, leadership appointments, and retirement plans. As you find yourself facing these challenges, you are probably contemplating, “Are the kids ready to take over their business?”, “Will we have enough money?”, and, “Where will we find meaning after years of running our own business?”

To truly sustain a successful family business across multiple generations, it’s not just about keeping the business together and helping it grow. It’s also about keeping the family together and helping it grow. And it’s not just about planning for what’s next. You must also focus on the present, and maintain harmony and honest communication among family members.

Whether you’re the founder of a family business or a family member transitioning to lead, Kyle Danner can help you build a bridge between generations so your family and business are ready for what’s next.

Planning For The Future Starts Here

Step 1

Get To Know Kyle Danner

Meet Kyle and discover how he can help your family business or client position the business for the future

Step 2

Download A Free Ebook Chapter

Download a free chapter from the ebook, Is There An Elephant In The Family Business?, and prepare the family business for what’s next.

Step 3

Get Started

Kyle offers online training, workshops, and one-on-one coaching calls for family business owners, the next generation of leaders, and family business advisors.

Step 4

Gain Confidence

You’ll get the tools, support, and knowledge you need to keep the family — and the family business — together.

What Clients Are Saying

Sheila Seck

Seck & Associates

“Kyle Danner referred his client who wanted to transfer ownership to a key employee as part of his exit plan. Kyle educated and prepared the client, so he fully understood his options and was ready to take the next step. After working with Kyle, the client and the employee were ready to discuss terms to achieve their personal goals and those of the company.”

Jeff Morgan

Founder, Morgan Miller Plumbing

“Transitioning ownership of your business is a monumental task. Kyle Danner took our ideas and turned them into reality. His expertise greatly simplified the process. Using Kyle was a strategic move and a worthy investment for my family and my family business."

Danny Zaslavsky

Director of Operations & Board President, Country Hill Motors

“I have worked with Kyle one-on-one to solve problems and brainstorm, and have been his student at conferences where he led attendees through complicated issues and provided clear, concise solutions. I highly recommend Kyle for your family business needs.”

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Is There An Elephant In The Family Business?

Download a free chapter from this ebook and discover how to identify and address the elephant that could be lurking in your family business.


Is There An Elephant In The Family Business?

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